Wo ist mein Wo? / Where is my Where?

Artistic Research and guided Walk by Andrea Glauser & Barbara Ungepflegt

@ SARN conference, Lucerne


Lucerne re-mapped: We invite you on a walk, taking long detours to explore the topological and geographical specifics of Lucerne's twin cities Olomouc (Czech Republic) and Chicago (USA) and their interrelationships, forged by a newly launched large-scale project involving subterranian linkages. The walk through Lucerne is a philosophical-topological examination of global concepts of place and of the self-directed and other-directed perceptions of space. The tour counters the ubiquitous comparisons of cities in the form of rankings with an interweaving of topographies and a rendezvous of twin cities on site. Following the question “Where is my where?,” and equipped with travel guide books from Olomouc and Chicago as well as maps—for example, from the Chicago Settlement Movement—the duo wanders through the centres and peripheries of Lucerne together with their guests. Taken by the performer Barbara Ungepflegt and cultural sociologist Andrea Glauser the route leads through the Lucerne sights of Chicago and Olomouc.


@ SARN conference Traversing Topologies

Imagining worlds and knowledge with/through artistic research


Preview: 25 September 2021, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Performance/ Guided walk: March 2022, Lucerne