Barbara Ungepflegt focuses on Vienna and its international affairs as part of the grant for performing arts (Cultural Department of the City of Vienna, for 2024). It focuses on Vienna's district partnerships and their politics of friendship "from below". The investigations focus on the public image and symbolic politics of Viennese district partnerships and their political staging. She is interested in the "theatre of cosmopolitanism" as well as in the (failed) international relations associated with it. In addition taking a closer look at the field studies of Viennese district partnerships, she also analyses various forms of representation and stagings of friendship: What symbols are chosen to express friendship? What gifts circulate between city partners? Which rituals characterise political friendships? How do the city districts interact? Which dramaturgy do delegations' visits follow? And how is "cosmopolitanism" staged? Who is reached by "friendship from below"? Against this background, the Federal Minister for Homeland Dirt and International Affairs returned to her agenda in 2024 with regard to international relations and homeland dirt; her public appearances and international cooperation will be intensified as part of the district twinning activities. From 12 to 22 April 2024, the minister travelled to Japan and conducted official visits to five district partners. to contribute to world peace and international understanding.