Artistic interventions in day-to-day worlds and the practice of crisis experiments

by Andrea Glauser & Barbara Ungepflegt

Lecture presented @ ESA RN02 Sociology of the Arts / Mid-term Conference ARTS IN MOVENT @Lund University, September 2022

This research project by Andrea Glauser and Barbara Ungepflegt focuses on artistic interventions in everyday life and examines strategies that artists choose to approach everyday worlds. Of particular interest is the question of whether the approaches chosen show a proximity to the concept or method of the "crisis experiment" (by Harold Garfinkel and others). The study is based, among other things, on interventions carried out by the authors in a research project at the intersection of artistic research and cultural sociology, investigating "interaction rituals" (Goffman 1967) on escalators in Vienna. The escalator is a hallmark of everyday urban life. Its use is regulated by explicit and implicit norms. In this project Galsuer and Ungepflegt question these norms by transgressing the everyday use of escalators, whether through different postures during the ride or by adding elements such as an escalator painter or escalator attendant on site.

Sociology Conference: Arts in Movement, University of Lund


Research Project by Andrea Glauser & Barbara Ungepflegt

Manfred Kremser

Krista Schweiggl

Mark Stehling